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Claire Heapy

Proud as a Peahen

about_photo2My name is Claire Heapy. I am the designer and maker behind The Peahen’s Nest. Our family surname derives from the word ‘Peahen’. So naturally, my shop is the peahen’s nest. Peahens are wonderfully elegant and understated, and I think they would approve.

I can often be found wandering the countryside, or face stuck up to the glass of a Natural History exhibit near the bit of Surrey I work from. With a background in Fine Art, and having studied in Falmouth, I have been sketching, painting and stitching non-stop.

I believe in traditional techniques, craftsmanship and respect for those who provide our basic materials.

Traditional Techniques

I search for inspiration.

Every design is inspired by my adventures through the beautiful British countryside.

I search for inspiration. I search for inspiration.
Charcoal Sketching

I often create large scale charcoal drawings to develop creative ideas.

Charcoal Sketching Charcoal Sketching
Lino Printing

Some products are made using the lino technique, which Picasso often used. A design is drawn onto a piece of lino, the unwanted sections carved out, then a brayer & ink is used to print.

Lino Printing Lino Printing
Hand Painting

Using a specialist fabric paint made by Dylon®, I hand paint directly onto fabric. This is then heatset for permanence.

Hand Painting Hand Painting

The piping, buttons and other trimmings are stitched here in the studio

Stitching Stitching

Ethical Materials

The fabric I use is GOTS certified Organic Cotton. This means that no synthetic fertilisers or toxic pesticides have been used during farming or cotton manufacturing. This is good for the environment as well as the workers. It’s also great for you, because the fabric is free from chemical residue. The GOTS certification also ensures workers a living wage, reasonable working hours, safe and hygienic working conditions, and child labour and discrimination are banned.

To find out more, please click here.

The cushion inners I use consist of a soft, luxury duck feather filler which is a natural by-product of the food industry.

Care Instructions

All home ware is machine washable at 40′ degrees on a gentle cycle. To keep them looking their best, do not tumble dry and iron on reverse. (Cushion covers are fully removable.)


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