Hand Painted By
Claire Heapy

Colin, The Wood Turner

Portrait of Colin, The Wood Turner by Claire Heapy

I received this commission from Colin, as a portrait of himself was one of the items on his ‘bucket list’.
Now I’m sure Colin has many more full and exciting years ahead of him, but he wanted his portrait now.

One of Colin’s passions in life is Wood Turning and he has been honing his craft for several years now. I’ve painted Colin in his workshop, with trusty Lathe by his side. A collection of his favourite creations has been included on a shelf behind him and I have deliberately made the background setting a dark brown as I wanted the wooden items to appear to be emerging from something bigger. This reflects the process of turning wood, as you begin with a large piece of tree and slowly something else is formed, emerging from the centre.

I’ve painted Colin with a friendly smile and casual lean, as though he is about to begin one of his legendary stories, and I believe I’ve captured his warmth.

Colin, 80 x 60cm Oil on Canvas.

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